Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monthly Update - September

Presidents Message:

It is hard to believe fall is upon us and our boutique is around the corner. I woke up recently in the middle of the night and need-ed another blanket to keep warm. The next day I told my hubby that I had to have something to eat made of pumpkin. I have been craving cookies, cakes, pies and if I don’t pace myself I will be burned out by Thanksgiving.

All items completed have been turned in and I, because Sheila our chairman is away, consented to keep everything at my house, so my guest bedroom is full to the top. You have done an outstanding job turning in so many beautiful things and I know that some of you have some last minute items you are still working to get done. If you could turn your items in by September 30th so it gives us time to tag and price.

Barbara Sindlinger has order 500 more mailers for us to get mailed out by the end of this month. If you need any more, I will have those available for you the 24th. I am hoping that will be enough.

Thanks for all you efforts for this new adventure. It will be fun.

Happy Sewing,

T.E.A.M & "Each One Reach One"

Mary Jane