Upcoming Speakers and Workshops

                                                                                                    Updated 11/17/16

2016/2017 PROGRAMS:

Our programs for the year are as follows:

December 1, 2016—Annual Christmas Party—details to come

January 5, 2017—Arlene Arnold lecture Stitches of Glory
January 7, 2017—Arlene Arnold Workshop-Ester’s Stars

February 2, 2017—Larene Smith lecture
February 4, 2017—Larene Smith—Sew Darn Cute Bag

March 2, 2017—Tracey Brooksheir lecture
March 4, 2017—Tracey Brooksheir workshop—Sankaku

April 6, 2017—Game Night
April 8, 2017—No workshop

May 4, 2017—Heidi Stagno lecture
May 6, 2017—Heidi Stagno workshop—Free Motion Fundamentals, Beyond the Ba-sics-fills

June1, 2017—Ice Cream Social
June 3, 2017—No workshop

July 6, 2017—Shirley McGuire lecture
July 8, 2017—Shirley McGuire Workshop—Wool applique

August 3, 2017-Inauguration, Mystery and challenges.
August 5, 2017—No workshop

Please contact Juanita Cairns to sign up for any of the work-shops.

The guild has established guidelines for workshops, as well as some simple "rules of etiquette" to ensure that the workshop experience is enjoyable for everyone. Be sure to take a moment to review these items.

Workshop Guidelines:

Workshop Registration
  • Payment is due in full at the time of registration for a guild workshop.


  • For a full refund, the Program Chairs or their designee must be notified a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the date of the workshop.
  • Those canceling less than thirty days (30) prior to the workshop and those that are no-shows will forfeit the workshop fee.

Transferring Workshop Registration Fees

  • If a workshop registrant finds they are unable to attend a workshop they have registered for, but have a friend that is interested in taking the spot, the registrant may sell their spot independently of the guild. However, the Programs Chairs or designee must be notified of the change prior to the workshop for class list purposes.

Workshop Etiquette

  • Be On Time! 
    The workshops will open no later than 9:30 a.m. on the morning of the workshop. Please plan your arrival to allow adequate setup and preparation time (ex: setting up your machine, winding bobbins, etc.) The workshop will begin PROMPTLY at 10:00 a.m. and will end around 4:00 p.m.
  • Bring the Needed Supplies. 
    Borrowing from a fellow workshop participant may slow both their progress and yours.
  • Lunch Break:
    There will be a lunch break. You may bring your own lunch from home or choose from eating establishments near the workshop location. You are encouraged to bring along your own drinks or munchies. The workshop instructor may prefer that students bring lunch. This will be announced as soon as possible.
  • Electrical Appliances other than Your Sewing Machine:
    The workshop facilities have limited electrical outlets. To ensure that we don’t delay workshop activities with inadvertently blown fuses, we ask that participants not bring auxiliary appliances - irons in particular. The guild will supply adequate irons and ironing boards for workshop participants to share. If you wish to bring your own power strip or extension cord, they are quite welcome just in case.
  • Cellular Phones/Pagers:
    Please turn the sound "off" on all cellular phones or pagers when classes or lectures begin. Ringing and/or conversations interrupt the instructor’s train of thought and are annoying to your fellow attendees.
  • Socializing During Class:
  • While socializing with your friends during the down time or work time in class or during a lecture is great, please be respectful of the times the teacher is speaking.  When you talk during a lecture or during a workshop, you are hindering your fellow members from hearing what the teacher/speaker has to say. 
If you have questions about a given guest lecturer, or to suggest future guest speakers, you may email Juanita Cairns.  email addresses are in your membership guide.