Thursday, September 11, 2014

September Updates - President's Message and Boutique information

President's Message
What a wonderful meeting. It was great to see so many people there for the meeting and to hear Melinda Bula. Her quilts are absolutely fabulous and her energy level is incredible. I look forward to seeing everyone’s quilt from the class in some future show and tell.

Nancy got us started on our clue for the next mystery quilt. She said it would be easy and is an optical illusion so think about joining in and participating in the mystery quilt. The block of the month that was re-turned was beautiful and the one for this month is equally lovely. Debbie will let us know that the challenge information would be coming up some-time in the future.

Congratulations Mary Ann for winning the gift certificate. Now you get to buy more fabric to sew, sew, sew.

Don’t forget you still have time to get last minute items done for the boutique. I’m still working on mine.

Thank you all for being so very supportive for my very first meet-ing it is much appreciated.
…And the block was “Clay’s Choice” it is also known by the names “Clay’s Favorite, Clay’s Star, Henry of the West, and Harry’s Star.” It originally honored Henry Clay (1777-1852) a long-time politician who dominated American politics for over 30 years. He made multiple at-tempts to be elected President.  No one guessed correctly, but I appreciate everyone getting into the spirit of things. I think I’ll choose a simpler block next month (Charlotte couldn’t name it either and she knows tons of blocks). Hmmm maybe that’s just a really well known block on the East Coast.

Thanks Again and Keep on Sewing

Budget Review
On Page 2 of the newsletter you will find the budget for the fiscal year 2014/2015 (September through August). This is the budget that was created and approved by the board . This budget does need the approval of the general members so please come prepared with any questions you may have and be ready to vote on it at the October meeting.

3rd Annual Boutique
Our boutique is fast approaching and less than a month away. I hope you mailed out postcards and are still giving them out to friends, family, your nail or hair lady, doctor’s offices and any place you may find an interested person.

If you haven't finished making items the areas needing attention are: aprons for women, children and men, Christmas or any seasonal wall banners, Christmas tree skirts, children or baby quilts, casserole carriers, anything that you would like to make. Just make the things you love and would like to give as gifts. The nice benefit is what we don’t sell you will get back. It is so exciting to see all the beautiful things you are making posted on Facebook. We are getting lots of positive responses on all the items. If you were not at the last meeting, it was decided we, as a group would not do any pre-sales. So many people would like to buy ahead but it would not be fair for those getting there early to buy.

If you haven't gotten your price tags:  Contact Cheryl Mitchell for and have each of your items tagged. We will price the items at my home on Monday, September 29 at 4 pm. Be sure you put your name on the back of the tag so we are assured you will get your items back. Our goal is to price items fairly and consider what time and money went into the item. We want to be known as the best place to buy unique custom made items that you wouldn't find at your grandmother's church bazaar.


Be sure to pick up your items at the close of the boutique (after 4pm on October 4th). If you can’t bethere, have someone designated to do that for you.

If you haven't signed up to docent the day of the boutique, contact Bethaney Kuenning.

We are going to need props to display the items. If you have any-thing you can bring, the contact person is Charlotte Rogers.

We have created a large following of peo-ple looking forward to our event. Any questions feel free to call me.

Let’s do the thing we all love to do and that is sew, sew and sew some more. Happy sewing.
Mary Jane Loya