Monday, December 17, 2012

Dec. Meeting President's Meeting

President’s Message

It was a great attendance for our Christmas party this year, not to mention the delicious food. Thank you to those donating baskets and other items for the ticket drop. Congratulations to all the win-ner’s. Have you ever noticed there always seems to be one table that wins it all, go figure? My husband Ralph was impressed with all the beautiful show and tell items. We sometimes take for granted what we do, while other are very impressed with the quality of our work. We are a talented group of quilters and sewers.

Next year’s speakers and workshops are going to be excellent. Spe-cial thank you to Charlotte Rogers and Elaine Berry for making this possible. I am looking forward to Cindy Seitz-Krug Christmas stock-ing machine quilting class on February 9th.


You don’t want to miss next month’s meeting. Our new opportunity quilt for 2013 will be shown and our tickets should be ready soon after.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday’s and travel safe.

Mary Jane

President"s Message Nov. Meeting

For those of you not able to attend last month’s meeting, Charlotte Rogers and Kristen Eilers had a wonderful program called "Purses on Parade". The stars were anyone with a purse or purses they made and the pattern it was made from. The program ended with a game of what do you have in your purse. It is amazing what we women carry in our purses.

The final tally for our boutique was over $5400.00. Sheila and I want to say thank you and we are so proud of all who made items and helped setup and worked on that day. It went very smooth for the first attempt. There were lots of positive comments and the best compliment I heard was there are not any boutiques with the quality of workmanship and beautiful fabrics like ours. We have many people looking forward to next year.

Our next meeting will be our Christmas party at Kings County Bowl. Last year was a nice event and this year will be more of the same. Bring your spouse or a friend and enjoy the evening and don’t forget to wear your favorite ugly Christ-mas sweater, you might win the prize for the best sweater.

Have a great Thanksgiving and be save where ever you go.

Happy sewing,

Mary Jane