Board of Director and Committee Chairwomen

1998-1999                      Charlotte Rogers
1999-2000                      Bea Henry
2000-2001                     Anna Koelewyn
2001-2002                     Colleen Jensen
2002-2003                     Beth Rhodes
2003-2004                     Erin Bader
2004-2005                     Peggy Siemer
2005-2006                     Rickie Souza
2006-2007                     MaryAnn Wlaschin
2007-2008                     Barbara Sindlinger
2008-2009                     Pam Padilla
2009-2010                     Grace Hoya
2010-2011                     Rita Buchler
2011-2012                     Mary Jane Loya
2012-2013                     Mary Jane Loya
2013-2014                     Margaret Davis
2014-2015                     Kristin Eilers
2015-2016                     Kristin Eilers
2016-2017                     Bethaney Kuenning
2017-2018                     Bethaney Kuenning

Unfortunately for security and privacy reasons I will never print phone numbers or emails unless specifically agreed upon by the members.  Please leave a comment on the main page if you have any questions on any committee.