Sunday, April 14, 2013

March's Presidents Message

Our last meeting and the Saturday class was very inspirational with Patricia Pepe, the inventor of the X-Block.  For those attending the monthly meeting, I am sure you really enjoyed her presentation.  We had a full class on Saturday learning the many different ways to use the X-block.   I would encourage all those that attended the class to bring your project, finished or unfinished to our next meeting. 

Spring has finally arrived and with it comes so many quilt shows to go to in the next few months.  I am so looking forward to the Best of the Valley Show in April.  We are so fortunate to have so many members exhibiting their quilts.  Our guild has a strong presents resulting in a number of winners every year.  I encourage you to attend and see the many quilts from all over the United States.

I am delighted we are getting so many members coming to the meeting each month.  Our membership is growing and that is good news.

I will see you at our next meeting, until then HAPPY QUILTING.

Mary Jane  


February's Presidents message

I was very pleased to see all the happy faces at our last guild meeting.   We had a wonderful program from our speaker Cindy Seitz-Krug and all her beautiful quilts.  The class she taught on Saturday was so much fun learning very fine quilting techniques on a Christmas stocking.  All those that attended, I would like you to bring to next meeting to share with everyone.
Next month our speaker will be Patricia Pepe the creator of the X Block.  I am looking forward to her class.
I am on a mission, and I need your help to find a permanent location for our comfort quilts.  If we can find a church or club house that would let us keep our fabrics and be able to meet at least two times per month.  If you know of anything available, please let me know and so we can pursue a location.  Heather Ridges has had a very challenging pregnancy and may not be able to continue as the chair person.  If we can get a permanent allocation I think it would be much easier for the next person to take on the responsibility.  If you are working on a comfort quilt and need batting, I have it here at my house. 
Until next month, happy quilting.
Mary Jane

January's Presidents message

Happy New Year.

As the old saying goes, “Where has this year gone”? The years seem to fly buy much faster as we get older. There are so many unfinished projects we all need to get done, which is my New Year’s Resolution.

I want to first start by commenting on the “Tangles Threads” wonderful program the gals shared at the last meeting. Their “Whisper Challenge” story was amazing how you can start with a picture of a mountain as the inspiration, pass on your quilt to the next person and the next without each knowing what the original picture was and seven quilts later you have a wine bottle. Just goes to say that when you pass on information, it never is what it started out to be.

As I commented last month, we have so many wonderful and talented quilters in this guild. We all can learn so much from each other. Thank you ladies for sharing your “Whisper Challenge” quilt with all of us.

Our opportunity quilt is ready and tickets are available. This year, as in every year, we have a beautiful quilt. Thanks to Diane Mitchell and company for your beautiful design and hard work.

Until next meeting, keep on quilting.

Mary Jane