Monday, March 24, 2014

March Presidents Message and blog update

Well Quilter’s, I believe another successful meeting was had by one and all this past
Thursday. We welcomed a few new members, including Greg from Thimble Towne, who
came up with a great challenge for all our members. He offered a $100 gift certificate to his
store for 100 Comfort Quilts made by our group. Sounds like a great incentive to me. So far we
have given out 58 this year. Great job!
I want to thank those who have stepped up to the plate and taken charge of some of our
vacant positions. If we each do something, however small the job, working together things
don’t seem so overwhelming.
I guess we have all heard enough about those cell phones to last for a while, personally, I
leave mine in the car. It is always appreciated when someone takes pictures with their phone
to share. Hopefully everyone will be reading the Newsletter, and trying to find something
special in it, to get a prize at the next meeting. Perhaps it will be a name or a number or some
serious grammar error, love those, or something else that will jump out at you. Have fun!!
I will list the upcoming quilt shows in the Newsletter just for your information. Perhaps
someone may find a nice road trip to take. Mary Jane, as usual, showed us some of her
Boutique projects to inspire everyone to get sewing. We made lots of bucks and had a great
time last year. The first two years were a learning experience and MJ really has a system now.
Once again, everyone doing a little is much better that a few doing everything.
Our Opportunity Quilt is in the capable hands of Suzie Kistler of Best of the Valley (BOTV)
and on its way to being judged. With help from a couple of ladies, Janet Stivers is now in
charge of the tickets and docenting for BOTV April 4-6. We need to commend Charlotte
Rogers, who with Diana Noland, successfully got the quilt to the right place in time. Even
under the duress of Charlotte’s husband, Doyle, having a heart attack and going through open
heart surgery she thought of us. He is now home and doing well. Keep them in your prayers,
Keep doing your best for the Challenge and Mystery quilts. We look forward to seeing all of
them in June. Don’t forget about the Monthly Drawing. Many thanks to Nancy and Kathy for
their 2nd year of dedication to the Block of the Month.
Our guest Speaker was Colleen Granger all the way from her home in Alaska. I find it amazing
how so many of us come from a clothing background, as she does, and the thinking is in yards
of fabric, and not fat quarters like quilters. Both however don’t like to waste any fabric, so
those scrap quilts have to be born, whether we like them or not. Her quilts were fabulous and
inventive. Thanks to Kristin Eilers and Grace Hoya for taking over Programs for Charlotte at the
meeting. We had a large crowd and some new members. Hopefully, we will have a full house next
month when our own Kathy Morrison will share her talents with us.
Many Thanks, Fondly, Margaret