Saturday, October 11, 2014

October's Update

Predident's Message
Greetings Everyone,
     I just wanted to take a moment and thank the auditing committee for their work.  I also wanted to thank Mary Jane for her hard work with the boutique as well as everyone else who participated in making the boutique a successful event. 
     The program for the evening of making cards or bags was enjoyed by all who participated and the table was completely full from start to finish.  I saw lots of creativity and heard plenty of people chattering as they were working on their cards or bags.  What a nice way to get to know members even better.  Many of those cards and bags created were donated to the boutique.
     Now for the block that I had posted, it was “Wild Goose Chase.”  This block apparently has at least 14 different variations.  Some have similar characteristics, and others do not seem similar at all.  The connection throughout them is the flying geese.  The history I found indicated that homesteaders watched flying geese and created quilts around that central theme.  The triangles themselves represent the geese.  The other names of the block in any of its variations are:  Baltimore Belle, Dutchman’s Puzzle, Dutchman’s Wheel, Wheel, Duck and Ducklings, Corn and Beans, Ducklings, Fox and Geese, Hen and Chickens, Handy Andy, and Shoo Fly.  If you happen to check out the Shoo Fly block you will certainly see what I mean by variations.  They don’t necessarily look anything like the “Wild Goose Chase” block I showed you.  Thanks to all of you who took a guess.  I think I might try something a little different with the block for next month.
Keep on sewing,

Boutique Wrap Up
     A meeting will be held Monday, October 13 at Panera in Hanford at 6:30 pm to go over the boutique items and to see what went well this year and things that we can work on for next year.  I can personally say that we had a wide variety of beautiful items at the boutique this year and according to membership, over 30 members donated items and about that many helped either price, set up or work the boutique.  For a group of only 56 members (yes that is the current number) that percentage of working members is excellent.  Our estimated bottom line after expenses is about $4,348.41.  We may have a few other expenses not yet   Well done ladies, well done!  
     We have our next available date set for October 10, 2015 for the 4th Annual Boutique.   I had some members tell me that they didn’t make as much as they wanted to because time got away from them.  I am giving you lots of notice so start planning and sew the things you love to sew.
Show and Tell 
If I can find time this weekend, I'll try to post some of the pictures I took during show and tell this past month.  The program chair asked everyone to bring any Halloween quilts to show if they had any.  Who knew we had a member who's anniversary is Halloween and had many quilts and items to share.  So much talent in our group.