Friday, August 23, 2013

President's Message

President’s Message October 2013
                           I hope all you ladies enjoyed our quilt evening and our amazing speaker.  I would love to be inside Andi Perjeda’s head to see how all those designs are being created.  So gorgeous!  Andi lives in Arroyo Grande and just an FYI that the Central Coast Quilter’s will have  a Quilt Show and Boutique on Nov. 2nd from 10 to 4 pm. It will be at the AG Community Center at 211 Vernon St. in Arroyo Grande. Well, we shortened up the business portion of our meeting since everyone on the agenda managed to get in the correct batting order and play ball!!  I still have flashbacks of being one of those Little League moms, and I am proud to say that my son now coaches his son’s Little League.  The circle of life and speaking of circles, all of us that took Andi’s class on Saturday had a great time with a fantastic group of ladies.  You can look on Facebook to see some of the half or quarter circles that were made, or in my case, at least an attempt.  Beautiful colors and everyone with their own ideas that will hopefully blossom into quilts.  Many thanks to Charlotte Rogers for a delicious lunch, and personally I was hooked on the cookies as you can see in the Facebook picture. I am hoping our Boutique on Oct. 19th at the Comfort Inn is once again a big success.  Have a Happy Halloween!
 Fondly, Margaret

September 2013
President’s Message
The September meeting, came and went before I knew it. Cheryl Mitchell was right out there pitching those name tags, and committees are well underway. I want to thank Skya Richardson for stepping forward and taking over the Hospitality Chair. Please call her if you know of anyone in need of cheering up. She can be reached at home 925-9337, cell 410-2452, or Of course you will all hear much more about the Boutique next month, keep working on your contributions and call Mary Jane if you have any questions. I have to apologize for the lateness of the hour at our meeting, but I have gotten some “Little League” instructions from MJ to resolve that. I will let you think about that!! Many thanks to Barbara Daniels, our speaker, a lovely, talented lady from Ducor. How many of you know where that is and what it stands for? More food for thought. I am quite sure everyone truly enjoyed her beautiful work, helpful hints and pleasant nature.

If anyone is at all interested in getting involved in the Program committee, now is the time to be a “shadow”, learning from Charlotte Rogers. The NCQG ( Northern California Quilt Guild association) will be having their “Meet the Teachers” program set for Wed. October 16, 2013 at 10am in Pleasant Hill. If anyone is able to attend please let me know. Too bad that is so close to our Boutique. Don’t forget to send those cards out by the first of the month, inviting all your friends to come to the Comfort Inn for our big fundraiser. I am sure we can live up to our newly projected budget for income. It will be lots of fun, I know.
Many thanks to everyone for helping me get through my first night as president.
I am looking forward to a challenging and super fun year.
Fondly, Margaret Davis

New President’s Message
As we begin the new quilt guild year, as president, I will be selfish and ask for all the help I can get. Mary Jane is definitely a hard act to follow. She made the last two years fun for all of us. I would like to see that continue and I will do the best I can to see it that it does.

Committees seem to be pretty well organized and if everyone gives just a little, or a lot, if you are able, I think we can have a fun and productive year. The sewing is organized at the Silva House at St. Brigid’s, making it easier for everyone to participate, even an hour a month. The Boutique is fast approaching, and since last year was so amazing , I have no doubt that this year will be as well. Our community seems to love all our handmade items, especially as everyone begins their holiday shopping.

I look forward to the upcoming year and encourage anyone who thinks there is something they might like to do to get involved. Perhaps you can help others by shadowing this year preparing yourself to take over when their job is done. Teams or committees always lighten the load. Our programs sound fantastic for the upcoming year and I for one am looking forward to it. Let’s get to know each other and learn from one another. From what I have seen, all the ladies are born teachers, who love to share their knowledge. We all have a love of sewing and quilting, whether we are new at it or well versed. Looking forward to the September meeting.

Fondly, Margaret Davis

Outgoing President's message

I was so pleased to be given so many beautiful presidents’ blocks at the last meeting as your gift for serving the last two years. I came home that night and put the blocks on my design wall ready to start assembling when I remember that some of you were not able to get yours turned in for this meeting. So the impatient me will have to wait until September before I can begin sewing. Thank you.

I passed the gavel to Margaret Davis as your new president with a feeling our guild will be in good hands. I can’t say it enough; she is a great person and will do an outstanding job. I look forward to being a quiet spectator and lend a helping hand when needed.

At the meeting, I had the opportunity of giving thanks to those serving on the various committees over the last year, you made my job easy and our guild run very efficient.

Until I see you next month, happy quilting.

Mary Jane Loya

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July's Presidents message

I am much rested from my vacation to my mother’s birthplace in Ireland. What a lovely country and the people were so gracious and food was so delicious. Speaking of delicious, I want to personally thank Charlotte Rogers and Kristen Eilers for the wonderful ice cream social at the last meeting. That was a great idea and an added treat with all the yummy cookies everyone brought.

At this last meeting, the nominating committee presented the slate of new officers for next year. We will be installing at the next meeting. Margaret Davis, our incoming president will do an excellent job. She filled in for me while I was gone and did outstanding. Things are shaping up for next year with only a few committees still needing to be filled. Please give some thought to filling in those empty spots.

I have enjoyed my time as president and thank all of your guidance through the last two years. It has been a fun journey for me.

Mary Jane

Monday, June 10, 2013

June's acting president's message



Acting President’s Message


              Thanks to one and all that attended the Thursday, June 6th meeting.  Mary Jane was off on a well deserved vacation to Ireland.  As VP, I was the stand-in for the evening.  Once we got through the meeting portion, we realized that we were lucky to have filled nearly all the vacancies for next year’s board.  Don’t forget that we will have ice cream next month but we will also vote for the new board.  Even if you do not choose to chair something ,

co-chairs and / or helpers are always welcome.  Then we were on to the fun stuff.  One group at a time showed their hard work for the Round Robin, the Mystery Quilt and the Challenge.  Adena Joseph and the Round Robin ladies, there were only three, were first.  They decided to go around twice so their completed quilts were sufficiently large and creative.  For the Mystery Quilt , Pat Erickson’s gals were so successful that a clothesline effect was done so we could compare them and see just what a difference  in colors makes using the same pattern.  They were great.  The grand finale was Barbara Sindlinger with the Challenge quilt competition.  Everyone got a chance to vote as we took a break.  With the only requirement being that only solids be used, they were all different. All the ladies and their quilts came on stage with their quilts and prizes were awarded for the winners. Everyone explained the ideas they had for their quilts.  The only problem seemed to be when Barbara and Deolinda Rhoads couldn’t seem to agree which side was the front of Deo’s quilt.  No matter, both sides were great as were all the quilts.  A great job was done by all the ladies. Thanks to everyone for making my gig fun!!         Margaret Davis

Ladies, here are the challenge quilts for this year. We had some a great turn out.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May President's Message

Last month I was asked to be the mystery guest.  Only two of you guessed it was me. Yes, I did get dressed up as the Brostered Chicken so our Young Farmer fireworks booth could get free rent.   It was very hot and I managed to get through it for my hubby’s club. 

I want to thank Charlotte Rogers and Elaine Berry for letting me share my creative journey in my quilts and my oil canvas painting.  I started painting oil on canvas in 1988 and took a break over the last 10 years to learn how to quilt.  I have recently started back to my old favorite. 

It’s that time again to be thinking about a new executive board.  My reign over the last two years is coming to an end and I am confident that one of you will take the president’s position.  Don’t let it scare you, it is not very difficult will all the help from our past presidents made my job easier. 

I am posting all the positions and you can sign up for the one you want.  If you have any questions, feel free to call past committee chairs for more information. 

It is important that we fill these positions on the executive board and committee chairs so our club in not in jeopardy and can’t continue. That could be a future reality, I am sure no one wants that.

  There is no “I” in the word TEAM.  “TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE”.

Mary Jane Loya


Thursday, May 9, 2013

April President's message

Thanks to Charlotte Rogers and Elaine Berry for bringing Dawn Ferrier from the “Creation Station” in Buellton as our April speaker.  She was funny and very creative with so many ways to use fabrics.  

We are fast approaching time to think about new officers.  I will need three or more people to be on a nominating committee for the 2013-2014 board.  You can make it real easy for the committee if you will jump up and say you will take a position.  I have to say that being president has not been very difficult.  I have a great group of ladies making my job easy, not to mention making me look good.   If you would like to be on the nominating committee or take an office, please call me before I call you. 

See you in May, by the way, have you figured out who the mystery guest will be for the next meeting.  I think this will be interesting.

Until the next time we meet, happy sewing.

Mary Jane


Sunday, April 14, 2013

March's Presidents Message

Our last meeting and the Saturday class was very inspirational with Patricia Pepe, the inventor of the X-Block.  For those attending the monthly meeting, I am sure you really enjoyed her presentation.  We had a full class on Saturday learning the many different ways to use the X-block.   I would encourage all those that attended the class to bring your project, finished or unfinished to our next meeting. 

Spring has finally arrived and with it comes so many quilt shows to go to in the next few months.  I am so looking forward to the Best of the Valley Show in April.  We are so fortunate to have so many members exhibiting their quilts.  Our guild has a strong presents resulting in a number of winners every year.  I encourage you to attend and see the many quilts from all over the United States.

I am delighted we are getting so many members coming to the meeting each month.  Our membership is growing and that is good news.

I will see you at our next meeting, until then HAPPY QUILTING.

Mary Jane  


February's Presidents message

I was very pleased to see all the happy faces at our last guild meeting.   We had a wonderful program from our speaker Cindy Seitz-Krug and all her beautiful quilts.  The class she taught on Saturday was so much fun learning very fine quilting techniques on a Christmas stocking.  All those that attended, I would like you to bring to next meeting to share with everyone.
Next month our speaker will be Patricia Pepe the creator of the X Block.  I am looking forward to her class.
I am on a mission, and I need your help to find a permanent location for our comfort quilts.  If we can find a church or club house that would let us keep our fabrics and be able to meet at least two times per month.  If you know of anything available, please let me know and so we can pursue a location.  Heather Ridges has had a very challenging pregnancy and may not be able to continue as the chair person.  If we can get a permanent allocation I think it would be much easier for the next person to take on the responsibility.  If you are working on a comfort quilt and need batting, I have it here at my house. 
Until next month, happy quilting.
Mary Jane

January's Presidents message

Happy New Year.

As the old saying goes, “Where has this year gone”? The years seem to fly buy much faster as we get older. There are so many unfinished projects we all need to get done, which is my New Year’s Resolution.

I want to first start by commenting on the “Tangles Threads” wonderful program the gals shared at the last meeting. Their “Whisper Challenge” story was amazing how you can start with a picture of a mountain as the inspiration, pass on your quilt to the next person and the next without each knowing what the original picture was and seven quilts later you have a wine bottle. Just goes to say that when you pass on information, it never is what it started out to be.

As I commented last month, we have so many wonderful and talented quilters in this guild. We all can learn so much from each other. Thank you ladies for sharing your “Whisper Challenge” quilt with all of us.

Our opportunity quilt is ready and tickets are available. This year, as in every year, we have a beautiful quilt. Thanks to Diane Mitchell and company for your beautiful design and hard work.

Until next meeting, keep on quilting.

Mary Jane