Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Other pages have been updated

I finally found a free lunch hour to update the new pages.  Remember, I will not be updating the other website anymore so check here often for up-to-date information on the guild.  

The next month's meeting should be exciting while we learn about our "batting" average.  Also, please read your newsletter and review the proposed budget for the next fiscal year.  We will need to vote on this.  

And if you haven't paid your annual dues, please bring your check for $25 to the next meeting.  If you know you aren't going to be able to make it to the next meeting and you want to keep receiving your newsletter, please contact me at atwood1@comcast.net and I'll let you know where you can mail your check.  The roster will be completed after the next meeting and distributed at the November meeting.  We will be printing the roster in a booklet style so it will be smaller, will include all the information you could ever want on the guild including by-laws, committee chairs, committee information, etc.  

If you want to be involved in this quilt guild there are opportunities available just for YOU!  Want to know what is involved, just give me a call and I can explain.  There should be a manual for each committee with more information.  Call me at 209-509-5153  Grace Hoya.

—Great Little Quilt Sale (or some other Ways & Means project)
—Opportunity Quilt Ticket Sales (2011-2012)
—Opportunity Quilt 2012-2013 (plan the pattern and construct the quilt)
—Opportunity Quilt Ticket Sales (2012-2013)
—Parliamentarian (Parliamentary knowledge is helpful)
—Programs 2012-2013—Work with Charlotte Meade this year
—Retreat—you can decide where and when
ATC/Postcards/Round Robin/Mystery—do one or all!

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