Friday, October 7, 2011

A Stitch In Time Open House

Tonight was the guild's open house at the Kings Art Center.  Thanks to all the members and friends for showing your support and stopping by.  Here are some photos I took. And thanks to Jodie Bissig (a professional photographer by the way--check her ad in this coming months' newsletters.) I have a few more photos.
Pam Larsen's quilt when you first walk in.

From left to right:  Grace Hoya, Sara Kelly and Mary Jane Loya.  Bowl by Grace too.

Our fearless leader Mary Jane chatting with Debbie Van Fossen, her mother and Sheila Ockey

MaryAnn Wlaschin

Jodie Bissig

Sheila Ockeys neutral quilt on left, Jodie Bissig's straight on and Sara Kellys on the right

I know the moon one is Anna Koelewyns, not sure who's is on the left of that (maybe Charlotte Rogers).  Deolinda's on the far right.  Not sure of the one with yellow.

Two very proud little girls - Mia on left proud of her mom's  work and Georgia -proud of her grandma's work.

Two very proud children of Jodie Bissig.  So cute!

Thought I took more pictures.  If you took some at the show, feel free to email them to me and I'll add here for everyone to see.  Two quilts were already sold tonight which is awesome.  Congratulations to those sellers!

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