Monday, August 13, 2012

Monthly Updates - August

President's Message:

First of all, I want to tell all of you how surprised I was to receive your generous gift at the August meeting for serving as president last year.  I want to thank all of you and I am looking forward to spending it very soon, where I will spend it I am not sure, maybe at a fabric shop.  

I want to thank all of you that participated in the different committee’s last year.  During the meeting I had some fun at your expense, but I know that you are the very, very, very important people and nothing can get done without your efforts to make this guild fun each month.   To all that accepted positions for 2012-2013 I am looking forward to working with you.  We still have a few opening and I am asking for your help to fill these spots and complete everything for the year. 

The executive board this year is a great group of women making my job as president much easier.  Thank you for serving.
Until next month, “Each One Reach One” and bring a new person.
Mary Jane

Boutique Update

Postcards and flyers for the boutique will be available at the next meeting.  Please starting thinking of friends and family you'd like to send a post card to.  And if you know someone who owns a local business and would be willing to post a flyer, pick one of them up as well.  

At the last Board Meeting a few items regarding the boutique were discussed.  First and foremost, a location has been picked as you can tell from the postcard.  We will be having the boutique at the Irwin Street Inn. 

The 2nd item discussed was that we will not be able to have a bake sale portion due to the County’s health codes which make it very unfriendly for small groups trying to raise money. 
Barbara Sawyer will be in charge of the decorating and is currently bringing home items that are brought to the guild for the boutique. 

All items will be tagged with the maker’s number so we can return any items to the maker if it doesn’t sell. 

There are 4 sub committees:
Advertising:   Barbara Sindlinger & Mary Jane Loya
Sewing Projects:   Noel Busby
Quilting Projects:   Sharon Koelewyn
Decorating:   Barbara Sawyer

We are still looking for someone to oversee Quilt Consignment.  This is an area where you can sell your quilts with giving the guild a percentage of the sale. 

Please start spreading the word about the boutique and contact Sheila Ockey if you have any questions.

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