Friday, August 23, 2013

President's Message

President’s Message October 2013
                           I hope all you ladies enjoyed our quilt evening and our amazing speaker.  I would love to be inside Andi Perjeda’s head to see how all those designs are being created.  So gorgeous!  Andi lives in Arroyo Grande and just an FYI that the Central Coast Quilter’s will have  a Quilt Show and Boutique on Nov. 2nd from 10 to 4 pm. It will be at the AG Community Center at 211 Vernon St. in Arroyo Grande. Well, we shortened up the business portion of our meeting since everyone on the agenda managed to get in the correct batting order and play ball!!  I still have flashbacks of being one of those Little League moms, and I am proud to say that my son now coaches his son’s Little League.  The circle of life and speaking of circles, all of us that took Andi’s class on Saturday had a great time with a fantastic group of ladies.  You can look on Facebook to see some of the half or quarter circles that were made, or in my case, at least an attempt.  Beautiful colors and everyone with their own ideas that will hopefully blossom into quilts.  Many thanks to Charlotte Rogers for a delicious lunch, and personally I was hooked on the cookies as you can see in the Facebook picture. I am hoping our Boutique on Oct. 19th at the Comfort Inn is once again a big success.  Have a Happy Halloween!
 Fondly, Margaret

September 2013
President’s Message
The September meeting, came and went before I knew it. Cheryl Mitchell was right out there pitching those name tags, and committees are well underway. I want to thank Skya Richardson for stepping forward and taking over the Hospitality Chair. Please call her if you know of anyone in need of cheering up. She can be reached at home 925-9337, cell 410-2452, or Of course you will all hear much more about the Boutique next month, keep working on your contributions and call Mary Jane if you have any questions. I have to apologize for the lateness of the hour at our meeting, but I have gotten some “Little League” instructions from MJ to resolve that. I will let you think about that!! Many thanks to Barbara Daniels, our speaker, a lovely, talented lady from Ducor. How many of you know where that is and what it stands for? More food for thought. I am quite sure everyone truly enjoyed her beautiful work, helpful hints and pleasant nature.

If anyone is at all interested in getting involved in the Program committee, now is the time to be a “shadow”, learning from Charlotte Rogers. The NCQG ( Northern California Quilt Guild association) will be having their “Meet the Teachers” program set for Wed. October 16, 2013 at 10am in Pleasant Hill. If anyone is able to attend please let me know. Too bad that is so close to our Boutique. Don’t forget to send those cards out by the first of the month, inviting all your friends to come to the Comfort Inn for our big fundraiser. I am sure we can live up to our newly projected budget for income. It will be lots of fun, I know.
Many thanks to everyone for helping me get through my first night as president.
I am looking forward to a challenging and super fun year.
Fondly, Margaret Davis

New President’s Message
As we begin the new quilt guild year, as president, I will be selfish and ask for all the help I can get. Mary Jane is definitely a hard act to follow. She made the last two years fun for all of us. I would like to see that continue and I will do the best I can to see it that it does.

Committees seem to be pretty well organized and if everyone gives just a little, or a lot, if you are able, I think we can have a fun and productive year. The sewing is organized at the Silva House at St. Brigid’s, making it easier for everyone to participate, even an hour a month. The Boutique is fast approaching, and since last year was so amazing , I have no doubt that this year will be as well. Our community seems to love all our handmade items, especially as everyone begins their holiday shopping.

I look forward to the upcoming year and encourage anyone who thinks there is something they might like to do to get involved. Perhaps you can help others by shadowing this year preparing yourself to take over when their job is done. Teams or committees always lighten the load. Our programs sound fantastic for the upcoming year and I for one am looking forward to it. Let’s get to know each other and learn from one another. From what I have seen, all the ladies are born teachers, who love to share their knowledge. We all have a love of sewing and quilting, whether we are new at it or well versed. Looking forward to the September meeting.

Fondly, Margaret Davis

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